The building has a sombre architecture and is rather reminiscent of the colonial style. It has great sentimental value for the islanders. We can say that its twin towers welcome all travellers who approach our city.

It also has great historic value. The first constitutional courts of Spain took their oath on 24th September 1810, right in the middle of a French siege, when Spain was only the Island and Cádiz, when Suazo Bridge was the boundary of free Spain.

The 24th September 1810 was an important date in the island’s history, which coincides with the first page of the Constitutional History of Spain.

The distinguished painter José Casado de Alisal depicted this moving ceremony in a painting. This painting is currently found in Madrid at the Congress of Deputies.

Due to the population Increase experienced in Villa de la Real Isla de León, construction on this temple began in 1756. The original design was done by the architect Alejandro Perdía, slightly modified by a French engineer and completed by Torcuato J. Benjumeda.

Baroque in style in the first body and Neoclassical in its towers, this place bore witness to an important historic event which was depicted by the painter José Casado del Alisal in a painting that decorates the east wall of the floor of the Congress of Deputies in Madrid.

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