Film office

San Fernando has become a regular set for both Spanish and international films, series, adverts and short films, as well as TV programmes. Teams from different audiovisual productions are Increasingly committed to the city as a backdrop for their stories and also as an operations base for weeks at a time.


  • Pantheon of Illustrious Marions

  • Camposoto Beach

  • Gallineras Sailing Club

  • Carraca Arsenal

  • Non-Commissioned Officers School

  • Camarón Forge

  • Botanical Garden

  • Suazo bridge

  • Casería

  • San Vicente Salt Mine

  • Carrascón Trail

  • Punta Boquerón Trail


From San Fernando, we want to facilitate procedures when it comes to filming in our city. To do so, download the filming permit application and process it through the electronic office of San Fernando Town Hall (do not do it by email).


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