Gastronomic Days

  • II Gastronomic Route of Holy Week

    From April 8 to 17 (both included)

    On these dates enjoy with all the brothers the variety and quality of the kitchens of each and every one of the professionals of the San Fernando hotel industry. These days you can savor a variety of stews, tapas and desserts, which highlight the typical dishes and sweets of Lent.

  • II Gastronomic Route of the Mackerel

    From July 7 to 23 (both included)

    In its first edition we were able to enjoy 30 different ways of preparing this native product of great nutritional value, such as mackerel. This route aims to encourage the consumption of this product from the Bay and to publicize the wide range of hoteliers who participate in the preparation of their dishes.

    In addition, promotions are included, to which many businesses in the city adhere, and when you make your purchases, you get a beer or soft drink as a gift so that you can participate in the route with an advantage!

  • II Passage of the terrifying tapas

    From October 26 to 30

    A cast of tapas and terrifying dishes made with a lot of creativity to enjoy Halloween in San Fernando. Only for the most daring!

  • I Shrimp Tortillitas Symposium

    May 16

    Gastronomy brings indisputable tourist value to our destination as it has a direct impact on the culture and economy of San Fernando. On the other hand, it is a very efficient communication tool since through it traditions, customs and aspects related to the idiosyncrasy of our cultural heritage are made known.

    For this reason, the Los Esteros Isleña Gastronomic Brotherhood and the San Fernando City Council organize the first symposium on shrimp omelettes, in order to encourage the promotion of a dish that is part of our gastronomic tradition and, therefore, of the identity of Saint Ferdinand. In the same way, the 1st Shrimp Tortillitas Amateur Contest is held.


  • Caracoleandolé, II Gastronomic Guide dedicated to the snail

    From May 9 to June 24 (both included)

    With the heat, there is nothing that appeals more than a cold beer and a bowl of snails on a terrace in the late afternoon, which is why Asihtur organizes Caracoleandolé.

    • Organizers: ASIHTUR
    • La Sacristía, Las Montañas, Casa Miguel, Bolerín, Caño 18, Bar Conejero, La mar de fresquita, La mar de fresquita de los esteros, Marisquería 3x5, Mi pilar, Roncón de Santi, La Levantera, Pa Picar, Bar´s Nueva Bahía .catering RS, Bar la morrua
    • 641 91 12 77

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