Camposoto Beach

Qualified by many as one of the best beaches in Cádiz province, Camposoto forms part of Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park and is ideal for gazing at its natural marsh areas with high environmental values.
With the Blue Flag and the Q for Tourist Quality, this beach has two areas: one with all the necessary amenities to safely enjoy the environment; and another nearer the legendary Sancti Petri Castle, much more natural, which can only be accessed by walking along the seashore or hiking towards Punta del Boquerón, declared Natural Monument of Andalusia.

Along the walk by the seashore to this place, we will come across military structures that form part of the idiosyncrasies of our beach, and have been and are the subject matter for the camaras of those who visit.
You can come in a private or public vehicle, and even on your bike, since it has a cycle lane that forms part of the design of the Eurovelo 8 cycling route.
Camposoto is one of the most accessible beaches in Andalusia, with fixed and connected wooden platforms, awnings, umbrellas, bathrooms, sun loungers, foot washer, adapted showers, cordons, mobile crane, chairs, amphibious crutches and walkways… Let’s make enjoyment more comfortable for all users!
For those who want to travel with their pet, Camposoto Beach offers an equipped area some 10-15 minutes’ walk from the last access (No. 8). It also has a dog shower because we think about everyone!
And for the sportier among you, Camposoto offers ideal conditions for surfing, skysurfing and kitesurfing. Find information at the Tourism Office to contact the sailing companies that offer these kinds of activities.

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  • Yes
  • Yes
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  • No
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  • 5 km
  • variable depending on the tides
  • by car, bus or bike

You can not lose yourself


    This Natural Monument is a coastal arrow of virgin dunes, emerged from the Atlantic in front of the Sancti Petri Castle, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, together with the ruins of the Urrutia Battery. We recommend a visit to this area of ​​great scenic value, which can be accessed by following the Sendero de la Punta Boquerón.

    • 1,3 km
    • depending on the tides
    • on foot or by bike

    Although it is not a typical beach, its scenic and gastronomic value is undeniable. This magical corner acts as a shelter for the numerous boats that rest on its shore and is surrounded by small houses with a marine air. In this picturesque enclave, in addition to taking a beautiful photo and enjoying the surroundings, you can taste exquisite local fish in its restaurants.

    • 180m
    • variable depending on the tide
    • Easy walk / Car / Bike

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