Festival calendar

The festival offering in San Fernando is very extensive. Throughout the year you can enjoy endless events with something for all tastes and ages. In this section we will provide a compilation of the most important events, but make sure you check the calendar of activities so you do not miss any during your stay in our destination.

  • Carnivals

    Deeply-rooted local festival and one of the most fun in our calendar, with cabalgatas de humor (humorous horse parades), competitions and popular performances on tablaos or flamenco boards. The Carnival’s date varies each year depending on when Holy Week is, given that it is always held 40 days before Holy Thursday, so do your sums and get your costume ready!

  • Holy Week

    The Passion and Crucifixion of Christ in San Fernando, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia, is a spectacular aesthetic and cultural display of renowned prestige and religious and artistic interest. It is a very popular tradition, being a date that stands out in the calendar that everyone looks forward to with great excitement so they can take to the street and enjoy the processions, music and that aroma that is so characteristic and floods the city on these days.

    We invite you to take part in this celebration, to get lost in its streets and breathe in the aroma of incense and orange blossom, adobo and the sea of our land.

  • Night of Saint John: La Casería Fair

    The tradition marks the beginning of summer in San Fernando with fire, a symbol of renewal. The seamen’s neighbourhood of La Casería vibrates during the Night of Saint John around the bonfire, with the burning of “Juan and Juana”, dolls made with rags, straw and other materials that burn along with the wishes of those who secure embers and the leaps of those who want to bring good luck come midnight.

  • Carmen and Salt Fair

    Declared a Tourist Interest of Andalucía. To celebrate its patron saint, the Virgin of Carmen, San Fernando lights up amidst multi-coloured flywheels, horsemen and women, and numerous booths where the magnificent wines of our land and the hospitable spirit of our people are shared and enjoyed.

  • The Flamenco City Island

    In the city that witnessed the birth of the greatest flamenco singer of all time, Camarón, the “Flamencos de la Isla” group creates and organises this festival full of activities during the summer season: flamenco from the balcony of the Venta de Vargas, master class, flamenco performances, lectures, exhibitions. Ultimately, we invite you to enjoy 42 days of flamenco of our city, our streets, our gastronomy and of our people.

  • Festivity of the Divine Shepherdess

    Procession of the image of the Crowned Divine Shepherdess of the Souls, co-patron saint of the city of San Fernando. The procession, involving numerous people, dates from the early 20th century and its embroidery on vents and skirts, as well as the golden crown worn by the Divine Shepherdess since her coronation in 2004 are of great interest.

  • Fiesta de las Cortes

    Concentration of musical groups, tour and visit to constitutional buildings, gastronomic tastings, Armed Forces parade, novillada (young bull fight) and endless activities to commemorate the important historic events that took place in the Villa de la Real Isla de León for freedom and the establishment of the First Spanish Constitution.

  • Religious Procession from the Hill of Martyrs

    Nearest Sunday to 23rd October. This religious procession from the Hill of Martyrs is held in honour of the co-patron saints of Saint Servando and Saint Germán. Procession, mass and day of joy for the island families who traditionally come to spend the whole day on the hill. They traditionally eat chestnuts, nuts, quince and pine nuts.

  • Fiesta de Tosantos

    San Antonio Market competes with the Central Supply Market by decking out its stalls with the satirical humour of this land, using products inherent to this time of the year.

  • Halloween

    The celebration of this festivity in our locality has become a point of reference in the area, since it offers a wide range of activities that encourages everyone, old and young, to enjoy a unique event full of attractions: decoration competitions, short competition, terror market, parades, Black Night, Pumpkin Night and endless activities that encourage those willing to participate in the fun and terrifying activities proposed.

  • Christmas

    During this unforgettable time of the year, young and old enjoy the extensive recreational offering in San Fernando. The city is decorated for the occasion and proposes endless activities: arts and crafts markets, visits to see the decorations at the Town Hall which is the largest in Andalusia and the third largest in Spain, Father Christmas’ house, the visit of the Three Kings, parades, horse processions and a long list of other things to share with friends and family.

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