The rich seafaring tradition of the islander in its farming and fishing transfer, provides the visitor with the most delicious and unique popular gastronomy of the Andalusian coast with a fish bank full of shops and restaurants where you can enjoy the varied species of fresh fish and shellfish, just caught , prepared and cooked in appetizing ways and traditional ways… Cumin, oregano, vinegar, garlic, oil and our salt, give life to a fried dish that is especially appreciated and loved by all such as bienmesabe, dispatched in the old fashioned way, in foil to carry out. Its enjoyment in a relaxed and informal way, make it a faithful protagonist for its smell and flavor together with cañaíllas and the famous fish from estuaries of our gastronomic root.
Almost all the gastronomy of this area revolves around fish and shellfish, both because it is surrounded by the sea and by the estuaries, the center of production of an important variety of fish species: sole, mullet, slippers, mojarras, eels, golden etc. Next to these estuaries, and in the pipes, coquinas, clams, shrimp, crabs, bocas and cañaíllas are shelled. Based on this relationship, we will enunciate a series of typical recipes of the Island, although with some variations both in the ingredients and in the condiments.

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