Located in the first building constructed in the military town of San Carlos, this exhibition space summarises the history of the barracks of the Tercio de la Armada in our city and of the Marine Infantry units that have been housed there since its construction.

Work on this building began in 1786 and by 1798, despite economic difficulties, it was almost finished. It has always functioned as a barracks for the Marine Battalions, acting between 1823 and 1828 as accommodation for the French troops of the Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis. Later, it was also used as a prison for the Carlist troops.

It is a neoclassical building with two areas: the vestibule and the courtyard. The first, considered to be the reception area, offices and leaders’ residence, leads through an extensive central corridor to the courtyard. This, conceived as a parade ground, with an octagonal floor plan, was a place for manoeuvres and soldiers’ quarters.

Among its facilities, we highlight the Battalions Barracks Historical Hall, where you can delve into the history of the oldest Marine Infantry in the world, created by Charles I in 1537. It also summarises the history of this barracks and the Marine units that have been housed there since its construction through an interesting display of uniforms, weapons and equipment characteristic of the corps.

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