Islet and castle of Sancti Petri and the pipe that gives them their name (between the municipalities of San Fernando and Chiclana de la Frontera) are historically linked to one of the most important and famous temples of antiquity: the temple of Melqart (or Melkart) – Hercules.

Mythological historiography attributes the foundation of Cadiz to Hercules. He would have arrived in the area during one of his Twelve Labors: the theft of the bulls from King Geryon of Tartessos.

The representation of the figure of this “founding hero” appears in the current coats of arms of Cadiz, the province of Cadiz and Andalusia.

The fame of the temple spread throughout the Mediterranean. Classical writers such as Strabo, Philostratus or Posidonius narrate the visit of characters such as the Carthaginians Hannibal and Hannibal Barca and the Roman Julius Caesar. They say that Hannibal offered his vows before undertaking the conquest of the Italic peninsula. They also say that Julius Caesar wept before the statue of Alexander the Great, because, being of the same age, he had not yet reached the glory of the Macedonian.

These stories and legends are explained in a didactic way during the visits.

We can also learn interesting facts about the tuna fishery (almadrabas); the construction of the castle and the defense of the coast of Cadiz at different times in history or the environmental values of the island of Sancti Petri. In addition, this unique space hosts activities such as astronomy workshops, sunsets, concerts, gastronomic events, and bird watching, among many others.




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