The Cultural Meridian is based on the singular history of the city of San Fernando, which is the military history of Spain, the constitutional history, the history of the great flamenco singer, the history of sailing and of the study of the stars.

With this itinerary, we propose a tour of around 2 linear miles through about 15 spaces and tourist resources that emanate from the history and tradition of San Fernando.

The Cultural Meridian will allow you to get to know the important legacy of San Fernando and its history, through a visit to San Romualdo Castle, the oldest building in the city and old 13th century monastery that tells the history of the city through archaeological collections and funds like the burial popularly known as “The Lovers” or “The Eternal Embrace”, a double burial in a single pit that constitutes quite a rarity in the world; the important prehistoric remains of the site of the Hockey Field; the remains of the Phoenician and Punic pottery industries and of the Melkart-Hércules Temple connected to the origin of the West; or the Medieval findings.

This tour invites you to immerse yourself in the legacy of the Parliament through those resources that form part of Route 1810. Spaces like Zuazo Bridge, the defensive naval complex that protected the land entrance to the Island and to Cádiz; the Main Church place where the deputies took their oath; the Real Teatro de las Cortes, here the sessions of the Parliament Framers began; the Town Hall, where the Deputies gathered for the first time on the morning of 24th September 1810 and agreed the formula of the oath taking. This monumental 18th century building, the biggest in Andalusia and third biggest in Spain, was the subject of a spectacular renovation and has cultural and bibliographic jewels such as the Lobo Library.

The tour will take you to the ‘Compañía de María’ Teaching Center, which become the seat of the Government of the Regency of Spain; and the Church of Our Lady of Carmen, which also housed parliament sessions.

Regarding the Camarón Legacy, we propose focusing on spaces as important and revolutionary as the Interpretation Center, in order to become reacquainted with the legend of the genius flamenco singer José Monje Cruz; la Fragua, where his first songs were heard and his father earned a living as an ironworker; such as the Mausoleum in the Municipal Cemetery, a must see for lovers of flamenco and follower of Camarón; or the Native House on calle Carmen in the neighbourhood of Las Callejuelas, where he spent his early years.

This itinerary also shows Spain’s important military history and the related facilities in our city: the Naval Museum on Calle Escaño next to the building of the old Captaincy General; or the Royal Naval Observatory, a scientific and technical centre which is a national and international expert and where the country’s time is set; one of the tourist resources you cannot miss in San Fernando. These facilities have a library which is a true cultural and bibliographic jewel, with books printed before and after 1501, first editions and unique copies. A space that summarises the entire history of science since the 15th century to the present day and where books by Copérnico, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Galileo and Newton rest.

Also the Exhibition and Conference Centre, and exhibition spaces and epicentre of the exhibitions and conferences; or the Municipal Councils.

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