Salina Dolores

Trail (temporarily closed)


  • 5,3 km
  • 1 hour
  • Low
  • San Fernando-Cádiz (sewage treatment plant road)

This path offers us the opportunity to approach the great muddy plains of the Bay of Cadiz, used by multitudes of birds to obtain their food at low tide. To contemplate them without disturbing us, we find a bird observatory leaning on the same path. Here we can stop along the way and enjoy the scenery.

Next to the observatory, we find some traditional gates that, taking advantage of the tides, allow the entry and exit of water in the salt flat. From these gates, when the salt mine was in operation, the water entered a large storage area (estuary) from where through a series of long zig-zag channels (pikes and turns) it was led to the crystallisers, where the salt precipitated and was collected and accumulated in heaps, very visible from a distance due to its luminous white color.

Following the path we come to a new lookout observatory, built taking advantage of the construction of an old electrical transformer. From here you have an unbeatable view of the bay of the Bay, flanked by Cádiz (northwest), Puerto Real (northeast) and San Fernando (east). You can also see some of the shellfish farming parks, which are distinguished by their “forests” of sticks stuck in the mud.

In winter it is not difficult to observe large flocks of wigeons that, coming from cold lands, find a more welcoming environment in the Bay of Cádiz. The presence of waders and wading birds is common at any time of the year, so while we walk the path, we will quite likely see sandpipers, plovers, redshanks, spoonbills, flamingos and other inhabitants of the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park.

Starting point

Acces to E.D.A.R. (N-IV San Fernando-Cádiz)


13,4 km | Natural Park visitor center and 10.7 km | train station. Parking area.


Linear (outward and return along the same route or along the seashore).

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      Salt marsh ecosystem

      Salt marshes and mudflat ecosystem
      of the inner sack of the Bay

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